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    Learning in HSC Study Lab is based around three basic activities. Watch a video, play an interactive activity and apply your knowledge. This multifaceted approach helps you understand key concepts and takes learning beyond the textbook.

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    Teaching experience 115 years
    HSC subject teaching experience 60 years
    HSC marking experience 28 years
  • HSC Study Lab - Powered by Macquarie University

    HSC Study Lab was created at Macquarie University, and the video lessons were filmed in various locations on Macquarie University Campus. The 350+ videos showcase the variety of state-of-the-art facilities that the University has to offer, such as the

    • Macquarie University Hospital
    • Macquarie University Astronomical Observatory
    • Anechoic Chamber at the Hearing Hub
    • Fauna Park
    • Museum of Ancient Cultures
    • Macquarie University Spatial Experience - MUSE
    • Department of Physics and Astronomy teaching labs
    • Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences labs
    • Biological teaching labs
    • Macquarie University Library