HSC Study Lab helping students with last minute exam preparation

By HSCStudyLab_admin on | September 13, 2017

The half-yearlies are now finished, and it is time for the students to bunker down, bury themselves in their books and focus on their studies to prepare for their end of year exams.

The question on every parent and teacher’s mind is – what is the best way to approach this limited time the students have left to prepare?

HSC Study Lab, an online resource based around the three different learning activities ‘Watch’, ‘Play’ and ‘Apply’, is optimal for this purpose.

With HSC Study Lab, a student can clarify difficult concepts by watching video lessons by expert teachers that cover the core HSC syllabus, including all the first-hand investigations in science. They sit in the driver’s seat of their learning by attempting the associated interactive activities and then doing the quizzes to check their knowledge. Everything can be replayed and repeated until the student is comfortable and ready to move on.

The play feature not only allows the student to test theories and make mistakes, but have fun in the process, which is also good as an interruption to the monotony of study.

The quizzes help the student keep track of their learning, as there are HSC style practice questions asked at the end of each lesson and each focus, and at the end of each module there is a comprehensive practice exam.

Once the difficult concepts are clarified, the student can go on to reviewing the entire curriculum content module by module, and by setting goals of how much to accomplish per weeknight, by the end of the week etc. in order to achieve the complete course review in time for their exams.

Have you got HSC students in your life? Find out more about HSC Study Lab.

Krista-Borg_image-for-blogKrista Borg

Director - Development and Partnerships at Access Macquarie Limited, HSC Study Lab steering committee member

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