Quick tips on how you can use HSCStudyLab resources in your class

By HSCStudyLab_admin on | June 15, 2016

Here are some quick tips on how you can use HSCStudyLab resources in your classes:

  1. Watch a video or animation with your class in the ’Watch’ tab to introduce a new concept, or to review an old one. Our videos are linked to the Stage 6 syllabus ie to a Module and a Focus.
  2. Introduce a practical or review the results of one by watching a video of a firsthand investigation.
  3. Give your students some ‘play time’ by having them engage with the interactions and simulations in the ‘Play’ tab. This is a great way to get students to work collaboratively in applying the concepts. You can project your computer onto the big screen and watch the students at play.
  4. Test your students’ understanding of concepts by doing the online quiz as a class activity in the ‘Apply’ tab.

HSCStudyLab is able to support your students with their Stage 6 Biology, Chemistry and Physics studies at all stages of the academic year. HSCStudyLab can be used as an adjunct to classroom teaching or as a review tool before the important exams.

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