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HSC Biology

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1 | Maintaining a balance

2: Plants and animals transport dissolved nutrients and gases in a fluid medium

Lesson 1 | Blood, the fluid medium

  • Identify the form(s) in which each of the following is carried in mammalian blood:
    – Carbon dioxide
    – Oxygen
    – Water
    – Salts
    – Lipids
    – Nitrogenous waste
    – Other products of digestion

  • Explain the adaptive advantage of haemoglobin

  • Compare the structure of arteries, capillaries and veins in relation to their function

  • Describe the main changes in the chemical composition of the blood as it moves around the body and identify tissues in which these changes occur

Lesson 2 | Carbon dioxide and pH

  • Perform a first-hand investigation to demonstrate the effect of dissolved carbon dioxide on the pH of water

  • Outline the need for oxygen in living cells and explain why removal of carbon dioxide from cells is essential

Lesson 3 | Size of blood cells

  • Perform a first-hand investigation using the light microscope and prepared slides to gather information to estimate the size of red and white blood cells and draw scaled diagrams of each

Lesson 4 | Current technology

  • Analyse information from secondary sources to identify current technologies that allow measurement of oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide concentrations in blood and describe and explain the conditions under which these technologies are used

Lesson 5 | Donated and artificial blood

  • Analyse information from secondary sources to identify the products extracted from donated blood and discuss the uses of these products

  • Analyse and present information from secondary sources to report on progress in the production of artificial blood and use available evidence to propose reasons why such research is needed

Lesson 6 | Phloem and xylem

  • Choose equipment or resources to perform a first-hand investigation to gather first-hand data to draw transverse and longitudinal sections of phloem and xylem tissue

  • Describe current theories about processes responsible for the movement of materials through plants in xylem and phloem tissue

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