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HSC Biology

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2 | Blueprint of life

1: Evidence of evolution suggests that the mechanisms of inheritance, accompanied by selection, allow change over many generations

Lesson 1 | Change and evolution

  • Outline the impact on the evolution of plants and animals of:
    – Changes in physical conditions in the environment
    – Changes in chemical conditions in the environment
    – Competition for resources

  • Analyse information from secondary sources to prepare a case study to show how an environmental change can lead to changes in a species

Lesson 2 | Modelling natural selection

  • Plan, choose equipment or resources and perform a first-hand investigation to model natural selection

Lesson 3 | Evidence for evolution

  • Describe using specific examples, how the theory of evolution is supported by the following areas of study:
    – Palaeontology, including fossils that have been considered as transitional forms
    – Biogeography
    – Comparative embryology
    – Comparative anatomy
    – Biochemistry

  • Perform a first-hand investigation or gather information from secondary sources (including photographs/ diagrams/models) to observe, analyse and compare the structure of a range of vertebrate forelimbs

Lesson 4 | Evolutionary relationships

  • Use available evidence to analyse using a named example how the advances in technology have changed scientific thinking about evolutionary relationships

Lesson 5 | Convergent and divergent evolution

  • Explain how Darwin/Wallace’s theory of evolution by natural selection and isolation accounts for divergent and convergent evolution

  • Analyse information from secondary sources on the historical development of theories of evolution and use available evidence to assess social and political influences on these developments

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