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HSC Biology

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2 | Blueprint of life

2: Gregor Mendel's experiments helped advance our knowledge of the inheritance of characteristics

Lesson 1 | Mendel's experiments

  • Outline the experiments carried out by Gregor Mendel

  • Describe the aspects of the experimental techniques used by Mendel that led to his success

  • Outline the reasons why the importance of Mendel’s work was not recognised until some time after it was published

Lesson 2 | Monohybrid crosses

  • Describe outcomes of monohybrid crosses involving simple dominance using Mendel’s explanations

  • Distinguish between homozygous and heterozygous genotypes in monohybrid crosses

  • Distinguish between the terms allele and gene using examples

Lesson 3 | Dominant recessive inheritance

  • Explain the relationship between dominant and recessive alleles and phenotype using examples

  • Solve problems involving monohybrid crosses using Punnett squares or other appropriate techniques

Lesson 4 | Pedigrees and family trees

  • Perform an investigation to construct pedigrees or family trees, trace the inheritance of selected characteristics and discuss their current use

  • Process information from secondary sources to describe an example of hybridisation within a species and explain the purpose of this hybridisation

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