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HSC Biology

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2 | Blueprint of life

3: Chromosomal structure provides the key to inheritance

Lesson 1 | Chromosomes

  • Outline the roles of Sutton and Boveri in identifying the importance of chromosomes

  • Describe the chemical nature of chromosomes and genes

  • Identify that DNA is a double stranded molecule twisted into a double helix with each strand comprised of a sugar-phosphate backbone and attached bases – adenine (A), Thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G) – connected to a complementary strand by pairing the bases, A-T and G-C

Lesson 2 | Meiosis and variation

  • Explain the relationship between the structure and behaviour of chromosomes during meiosis and the inheritance of genes

  • Explain the role of gamete formation and sexual reproduction in variability of offspring

  • Process information from secondary sources to construct a model that demonstrates meiosis and the processes of crossing over, segregation of chromosomes and the production of haploid gametes

Lesson 3 | Co-dominance and sex linkage

  • Describe the inheritance of sex-linked genes, and alleles that exhibit co-dominance and explain why these do not produce simple Mendelian ratios

  • Describe the work of Morgan that led to the understanding of sex linkage

  • Explain the relationship between homozygous and heterozygous genotypes and the resulting phenotypes in examples of co-dominance

Lesson 4 | Solve problems involving co-dominance and sex linkage

  • Solve problems involving co-dominance and sex linkage

Lesson 5 | Environment and phenotype

  • Outline ways in which the environment may affect the expression of a gene in an individual

Lesson 6 | Effect of environment on phenotype

  • Identify data sources and perform a first-hand investigation to demonstrate the effect of environment on phenotype

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