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HSC Biology

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2 | Blueprint of life

5: Current reproductive technologies and genetic engineering have the potential to alter the path of evolution

Lesson 1 | Reproductive techniques

  • Identify how the following current reproductive techniques may alter the genetic composition of a population:
    – Artificial insemination
    – Artificial pollination
    – Cloning

  • Process information from secondary sources to describe a methodology used in cloning

Lesson 2 | Transgenic species

  • Outline the processes used to produce transgenic species and include examples of this process and reasons for its use

  • Analyse information from secondary sources to identify examples of the use of transgenic species and use available evidence to debate the ethical issues arising from the development and use of transgenic species

Lesson 3 | Genetic diversity

  • Discuss the potential impact of the use of reproduction technologies on the genetic diversity of species using a named plant and animal example that have been genetically altered

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