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HSC Biology

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3 | The search for better health

3: During the second half of the nineteenth century, the work of Pasteur, Koch and other scientists stimulated the search for microbes as causes of disease

Lesson 1 | Pasteur and Koch

  • Describe the contribution of Pasteur and Koch to our understanding of infectious diseases

Lesson 2 | Modelling Pasteur's Experiment

  • Perform an investigation to model Pasteur’s experiment to identify the role of microbes in decay

Lesson 3 | Pathogens

  • Distinguish between:

    – Prions

    – Viruses

    – Bacteria

    – Protozoans

    – Fungi

    – Macro-parasites

    and name one example of a disease caused by each type of pathogen

Lesson 4 | Case study of infectious disease - Malaria

  • Gather and process information to trace the historical development of our understanding of the cause and prevention of malaria

  • Identify data sources, gather process and analyse information from secondary sources to describe one named infectious disease in terms of its:

    – Cause

    – Transmission

    – Host response

    – Major symptoms

    – Treatment

    – Prevention

    – Control

Lesson 5 | Antibiotics

  • Identify the role of antibiotics in the management of infectious disease

  • Process information from secondary sources to discuss problems relating to antibiotic resistance

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