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HSC Biology

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3 | The search for better health

4: Often we recognise an infection by the symptoms it causes. The immune response is not so obvious, until we recover

Lesson 1 | The first line of defence of the body

  • Identify defence barriers to prevent entry of pathogens in humans:

    – Skin

    – Mucous membranes

    – Cilia

    – Chemical barriers

    – Other body secretions

  • Gather, process and present information from secondary sources to show how a named disease results from an imbalance of microflora in humans

Lesson 2 | Antigens

  • Identify antigens as molecules that trigger the immune response

  • Explain why organ transplants should trigger an immune response

Lesson 3 | Defence adaptations

  • Identify defence adaptations, including:

    – Inflammation response

    – Phagocytosis

    – Lymph system

    – Cell death to seal off pathogen

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