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HSC Biology

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3 | The search for better health

5: MacFarlane Burnet's work in the middle of the twentieth century contributed to a better understanding of the immune response and the effectiveness of immunisation programs

Lesson 1 | Understanding the immune response

  • Identify the components of the immune response:

    – Antibodies

    – T cells

    – B cells

  • Describe and explain the immune response in the human body in terms of:

    – Interaction between B and T lymphocytes

    – The mechanisms that allow interaction between B and T lymphocytes

    – The range of T lymphocyte types and the difference in their roles

Lesson 2 | Vaccinations

  • Outline the way in which vaccinations prevent infection

  • Outline the reasons for the suppression of the immune response in organ transplant patients

  • Process, analyse and present information from secondary sources to evaluate the effectiveness of vaccination programs in preventing the spread and occurrence of once common diseases, including smallpox, diphtheria and polio

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