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HSC Biology

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3 | The search for better health

7: Increased understanding has led to the development of a wide range of strategies to prevent and control disease

Lesson 1 | Quarantine

  • Discuss the role of quarantine in preventing the spread of disease and plants and animals into Australia or across regions of Australia

  • Process and analyse information from secondary sources to evaluate the effectiveness of quarantine in preventing the spread of plant animal disease into Australia or across regions of Australia

Lesson 2 | Pathogens and insect pests

  • Perform an investigation to examine plant shoots and leaves and gather first-hand information of evidence of pathogens and insect pests

Lesson 3 | Control and prevention

  • Explain how one of the following strategies has controlled and/or prevented disease:

    – Public health programs

    – Pesticides

    – Genetic engineering to produce disease

    – Resistant plants and animals

  • Gather and process information and use available evidence to discuss the changing methods of dealing with plant and animal diseases, including the shift in emphasis from treatment and control to management or prevention of disease

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