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Year 12 Business Studies

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What you learn

The study of business studies involves understanding how people around the world engage in business activities to deliver a range of goods and services. It focuses on the planning in, and the management of the functions of operations, marketing, finance and human resources in small to large businesses. There are 38 lessons in the HSC Study Lab Year 12 Business Studies course, which covers the NSW syllabus.

Topic 1 | Operations

Topic 2 | Marketing

Topic 3 | Finance

Topic 4 | Human resources

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  • HSCStudy Lab Lessons

    38 Lessons

    The course content covers the NSW Year 12 Business Studies Syllabus comprehensively.

  • HSCStudy Lab Quizzes

    Hundreds of HSC style practise questions

    60 lesson quizzes that include a variety of question types. This course also includes 3 topic level quizzes, as well as a comprehensive course level practise test.

  • HSCStudy Lab videos

    Hours of video

    Video lessons by expert teachers that comprehensively cover every syllabus dot point in the Year 12 Business Studies syllabus.

  • HSCStudy Lab interactives

    Interactive activities

    Games and simulators that allow you to practise running your own business, preparing financial statements, and conducting a SWOT analysis.

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