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Year 12 Chemistry

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What you learn

The Chemistry Stage 6 Syllabus explores the structure, composition and reactions of and between all elements, compounds and mixtures that exist in the Universe. The discovery and synthesis of new compounds, the monitoring of elements and compounds in the environment, and an understanding of industrial processes and their applications to life processes are central to human progress and our ability to develop future industries and sustainability. There are 65 lessons in the HSC Study Lab Year 12 Chemistry course, which corresponds to the 120 indicative hours of study required by the syllabus.

Year 12 Chemistry course structure and requirements

Year 12 Chemistry course (120 hours) Modules HSCStudy Lab Lessons Working Scientifically Skills Depth Studies Investigation
Module 5 Equilibrium and acid reactions
Module 6 Acid/base reactions
Module 7 Organic chemistry
Module 8 Applying chemical ideas
  • HSC Study Lab 65 Lessons Video lessons by expert teachers that cover the NSW Year 12 Chemistry Syllabus comprehensively. The videos fully explain complex chemistry content through animations, first-hand investigations (filmed at Macquarie University science labs), and tutorials.
  • HSC Study Lab Hundreds of practice questions 65 lesson quizzes that include a variety of question types. This course also includes 16 content level and 4 module level tests, as well as an end of course practice exam.
  • HSC Study Lab 14 Games and simulators The games and simulators help you explore and understand key learning outcomes and put theory into practice. The course also includes additional resources such as an interactive Periodic Table.
  • HSC Study Lab Working Scientifically Our Working Scientifically activities will look like mini projects at the end of each module (there are four in total in this course). The Working Scientifically activities include virtual interactive experiments, processing of data and/or report writing, depending on the specific requirements of the Working Scientifically outcomes for that module. Each activity will produce a report based on the student’s input, that can be downloaded and submitted to their teacher.
  • HSC Study Lab Depth Studies The course will also feature a student-led Depth Study, which will be a guided template taking them through the steps of conducting an independent scientific study. Again, the Depth Studies section features a downloadable report that the student can use for their reference or submit to their teacher.

Module 5 | Equilibrium and acid reactions

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Module 6 | Acid/base reactions

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Module 7 | Organic chemistry

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Module 8 | Applying chemical ideas

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