Our interactive activities are designed to test your understanding in a more engaging way. Some common types of activities found in our lessons are experiments, case studies and revision exercises.


Conduct Biology, Chemistry and Physics experiments using the interactive activities. You will be able to drag and drop items, and view the animated reactions/results, as well as complete calculations. Some examples of experiment activities include:

  • HSC Study Lab

    Year 12 Biology “Polypeptide synthesis”

    Perform the processes necessary for polypeptide synthesis.

  • HSC Study Lab

    Year 11 Chemistry “Preparing and diluting solutions”

    This activity deals with the steps and methods required to prepare and dilute a solution.

  • HSC Study Lab

    Year 12 Physics “Deriving relationships for projectile motion”

    In this interaction you will investigate projectile motion by determining the correct angle and velocity required for an object to hit a target.

Case Studies

Analyse case studies by reading through the scenarios and answering questions and/or completing calculations. Some examples of case studies in our courses include:

  • HSC Study Lab

    Year 11 Business Studies “Building a business plan”

    This activity requires you to create a business plan for a hypothetical business.

  • HSC Study Lab

    Year 12 Biology “Adaptations of pathogens”

    In this activity, you will be comparing pathogenic prions, viruses and bacteria with respect to three hypothetical cases.

Revision exercises

Revision exercises help you review the content from the video lesson. These activities include drag and drop, and matching activities. These are designed to assess your understanding of the more theoretical concepts.

  • HSC Study Lab

    Year 12 Business Studies “A hierarchy of operations”

    In this activity, you will need to correctly match the operations term with its definition.

  • HSC Study Lab

    Year 12 Business Studies “Processes of marketing”

    Correctly order the steps in the marketing process by dragging and dropping the steps into the flowchart.

  • HSC Study Lab

    Year 11 Biology “Charles Darwin's observations”

    In this activity you will view the finches of the Galapagos Islands and try to link the adaptation (the beak) to the correct food source.

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