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Preliminary Physics

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2 | Electrical energy in the home

3: Series and parallel circuits serve different purposes in households

Lesson 1 | Series and parallel circuits

  • Identify the difference between series and parallel circuits.

  • Compare parallel and series circuits in term of voltage across components and current through them.

  • Identify uses of ammeters and voltmeters.

  • Explain why ammeters and voltmeters are connected differently in a circuit.

Lesson 2 | Current and voltage

  • Plan, choose equipment or resources for and perform first hand investigations to gather data and use available evidence to compare measurements of current and voltage in series and parallel circuits in computer simulations or hands-on equipment.

Lesson 3 | Household circuits

  • Explain why there are different circuits for lighting, heating and other appliances in a house.

  • Plan, choose equipment or resources and perform a first-hand investigation to construct simple model household circuits using electrical components.

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