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Preliminary Physics

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2 | Electrical energy in the home

4: The amount of power is related to the rate at which energy is transformed

Lesson 1 | Power, current and voltage

  • Explain that power is the rate at which energy is transformed from one form to another.

  • Identify the relationship between power, potential difference and current.

  • Perform a first-hand investigation and use available evidence to demonstrate the relationship between current, voltage and power for a model 6V to 12V electric heating coil.

Lesson 2 | Energy and power

  • Identify that the total amount of energy used depends on the length of time the current is flowing and can be calculated using:

    Energy = VIt

  • Solve problems and analyse information using:

    P = VI


    E = VIt

  • Explain why the kilowatt-hour is used to measure electrical energy consumption rather than the joule.

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