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Preliminary Physics

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3 | Moving about

5: Safety devices are utilised to reduce the effects of changing momentum

Lesson 1 | Inertia

  • Define the inertia of a vehicle as its tendency to remain in uniform motion or at rest.

  • Discuss reasons why Newton’s First Law of Motion is not apparent in many real world situations.

  • Gather and process first-hand data and/or secondary information to analyse the potential danger presented by loose objects in a vehicle.

Lesson 2 | Vehicle safety

  • Assess the reasons for the introduction of low speed zones in built-up areas and the addition of air bags and crumple zones to vehicles with respect to the concepts of impulse and momentum.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of some safety features of motor vehicles.

  • Identify data sources, gather, process, analyse, present secondary information and use the available evidence to assess benefits of technologies for avoiding or reducing the effect of a collision.

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