Alternative Entry Pathways

It’s understood that your ATAR may not fully reflect your achievements and potential. Therefore, there is a range of entry pathways that consider various criteria apart from ATAR. These include your performance in relevant HSC subjects, engagement within your local community, prior study and/or work experience. Irrespective of your circumstances, universities acknowledge your efforts and contributions comprehensively.

Exploring Your Pathways

Alternative entry pathways recognise your individuality and take into account your unique attributes. To assist you in identifying the most suitable option, Macquarie University have developed a user-friendly entry pathways tool. This tool allows you to compare and contrast the different pathways offered at Macquarie University, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your strengths and goals.

Early Entry Opportunities

Australian universities offer numerous early entry schemes that provide alternatives to the traditional application route. At Macquarie University these include:

Academic Entry Program

Academic entry programs seek to recognise and reward your strengths. Rather than solely relying on your selection rank (ATAR), these schemes will consider your performance in specific HSC subjects relevant to your chosen degree(s). This approach ensures that your passion and potential resonate with the course offerings.

Macquarie University College

The College is Macquarie University’s pathway provider for prospective students who haven’t fulfilled academic and/or language requirements for direct entry into their preferred degree.

The College offers Diplomas, Undergraduate Certificates, and Foundation and Intensive Programs. Successful completion of these courses and programs guarantee students’ pathways into undergraduate courses at Macquarie University and allow them to progress directly into their preferred bachelor’s degree.

For more information about Macquarie University College, you can visit their page.

Enhancing Your Rank

Boosting your selection rank is possible through various adjustment factor schemes. Each University has their own criteria of what can boost your selection rank. These may include how well you did in your HSC subjects, your school location, or your eligibility for Educational Access Schemes.

You can find out more about adjustment factors here.