NEW Year 11 and 12 science courses are now available!

new science syllabus

All the content of the new syllabuses is covered comprehensively through video lessons and animations by expert teachers, games and simulators based on the lesson content, and hundreds of practice questions. We have also addressed the requirements of the new mandated Working Scientifically and Depth Studies content.

Created at Macquarie University to support you and your students

Everything in one place

Finally! All Year 11 and 12 content available online in one place! HSC Study Lab allows you to enhance your teaching by using videos and animations, games and simulators, and hundreds of practice questions to explain concepts. The content is always mapped to the syllabus, so no time is wasted looking for relevant resources. HSC Study Lab can support your students with understanding difficult concepts, preparing for assessments, homework, and of course exam revision.

A flexible teaching aid

You can support high achievers and self-directed learners by encouraging them to work through our courses at their own pace. Alternatively, our courses can be used to support students who require additional assistance, or have missed lessons. Our courses are also suitable for use in regional and remote areas, as all content is available online.

Flip your classroom

HSC Study Lab allows for the flipped classroom approach. You can implement our video lessons and animations that are mapped to the syllabus to your teaching plan. There is no need for you to film your own videos when HSC Study Lab has it all covered.

Leverage technology

Using HSC Study Lab improves students’ IT skills through meaningful use of technology in the classroom. HSC Study Lab also allows science students to review laboratory work online in their own time, as all practical skills are covered in the form of detailed experiment videos or simulators.

Discounted school or class subscriptions

There is no minimum number of students required to sign up, and set up is quick and easy!

The 2019 school subscription rates are as follows:

  • Student subscribing to one (1) course: $35
  • Student subscribing to two (2) courses: $60
  • Student subscribing to three (3) courses: $70

The cost for a student subscribing to more than three courses is $20 per course.

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