How-to-Use Guide for English Teachers

This resource can be used by teachers as part of a classroom lesson, or students can work through it independently as part of a revision program. Our Year 12 English course explores key concepts from the English Advanced, English Standard, English Studies and English EAL/D Stage 6 syllabi. Students will learn how to approach the Common Module and Paper 1 assessments, as well as identify techniques to help them analyse unseen texts and refine their writing skills.

1. Select the Year 12 English course.

2. Then the following screen appears.

3. On the left hand side, each of the workshops are listed.

4. Each workshop focuses on one key aspect of the course, which is then explored in greater detail in the corresponding lessons.

5. The concepts are covered through a video lesson, an interactive activity and/or a short quiz. These three elements have been designed by high school teachers and Macquarie University academics to help the students solidify their understanding of the concepts in different ways.

Video lessons

Every exercise will contain a video lesson, and these can be found in the ‘Watch’ tab once you begin a lesson. In these videos, students will be guided through the ideas and provided with examples. The video can be paused at any time to initiate discussion or for students to ask further questions.

Closed captions and a transcript are provided for every video. These can help students better follow along with the video.

Interactive activities

The ‘Play’ tab contains an interactive activity, which is a more hands on way for students to check their understanding of the video lesson, or extend their knowledge beyond the video lesson. These activities are a mix of drag and drop, fill in the blanks, and matching activities.

Practice quizzes

‘Apply’ is a lesson quiz based on the lesson content. It is composed of multiple choice questions and can be completed by students once they have viewed the video lesson.

At the end of the quiz, the results show the number of questions answered correctly and the time taken.

6. For the English course, we have also included downloadable worksheets that can be used as in-class or homework activities. These can be found in Workshop 4 – Craft of Writing. These worksheets have been designed to help your students practice the concepts and ideas they have learned in our Year 12 English course and in the classroom.

7. Students can also complete a variety of Practice Writing Activities. These can be found in Workshop 4 – Craft of Writing. Students will be able to attempt these activities, save their responses and revisit them at any time. Their responses can also be downloaded as a pdf file to be submitted to their teachers.