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Year 11 Biology

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Module 3 | Biological diversity

Content 3: Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

Lesson 1 | Biological diversity through time

  • explain biological diversity in terms of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection by examining the changes in and diversification of life since it first appeared on the Earth (ACSBL088)

Lesson 2 | Microevolutionary changes and their effects on speciation and evolution

  • analyse how an accumulation of microevolutionary changes can drive evolutionary changes and speciation over time, for example: (ACSBL034, ACSBL093)
    – evolution of the horse
    – evolution of the platypus

Lesson 3 | Convergent and divergent evolution

  • explain, using examples, how Darwin and Wallace’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection accounts for:
    – convergent evolution
    – divergent evolution

Lesson 4 | Punctuated equilibrium vs gradualism

  • explain how punctuated equilibrium is different from the gradual process of natural selection

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