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Year 11 Chemistry

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Module 3 | Reactive chemistry

Content 3: Rates of reactions

Lesson 1 | Rates of reactions

  • conduct a practical investigation, using appropriate tools (including digital technologies), to collect data, analyse and report on how the rate of a chemical reaction can be affected by a range of factors, including but not limited to:
    – temperature
    – surface area of reactant(s)
    – concentration of reactant(s)
    – catalysts (ACSCH042)

  • investigate the role of activation energy, collisions and molecular orientation in collision theory

  • explain a change in reaction rate using collision theory (ACSCH003, ACSCH046)

Lesson 2 | Spontaneous reactions

  • predict the reaction of metals in solutions using the table of standard reduction potentials

  • predict the spontaneity of redox reactions using the value of cell potentials

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