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Year 11 Chemistry

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Module 4 | Drivers of reactions

Content 2: Enthalpy and Hess's Law

Lesson 1 | Enthalpy changes in reactions

  • explain the enthalpy changes in a reaction in terms of breaking and reforming bonds and relate this to:
    – the law of conservation of energy

Lesson 2 | Investigating Hess’ law

  • investigate Hess’s Law in quantifying the enthalpy change for a stepped reaction using standard enthalpy change data and bond energy data, for example: (ACSCH037)
    – carbon reacting with oxygen to form carbon dioxide via carbon monoxide

Lesson 3 | Applying Hess’ law

  • apply Hess’s Law to simple energy cycles and solve problems to quantify enthalpy changes within reactions including but not limited to:
    – heat of combustion
    – enthalpy changes involved in photosynthesis
    – enthalpy changes involved in respiration (ACSCH037)

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