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Year 11 Physics

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Module 1 | Kinematics

Content 2: Motion on a plane

Lesson 1 | Analysing motion using vectors

  • analyse vectors in one and two dimensions to:
    – resolve a vector into two perpendicular components
    – add two perpendicular vector components to obtain a single vector (ACSPH061)

  • represent the distance and displacement of objects moving on a horizontal plane using:
    – vector addition
    – resolution of components of vectors (ACSPH060)

Lesson 2 | Relative motion

  • describe and analyse algebraically, graphically and with vector diagrams, the ways in which the motion of objects changes, including:
    – velocity
    – displacement (ACSPH060, ACSPH061)

  • describe and analyse, using vector analysis, the relative positions and motions of one object relative to another object on a plane (ACSPH061)

Lesson 3 | Using vectors to analyse relative motion in 2D

  • analyse the relative motion of objects in two dimensions in a variety of situations, for example:
    – a boat on a flowing river relative to the bank
    – two moving cars
    – an aeroplane in a crosswind relative to the ground (ACSPH060, ACSPH132)

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