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Year 11 Physics

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Module 2 | Dynamics

Content 2: Forces, acceleration and energy

Lesson 1 | Newton's first law

  • apply Newton’s first two laws of motion to a variety of everyday situations, including both static and dynamic examples, and include the role played by friction (friction = \mu \vec{F}_{N}) (ACSPH063)

  • NOTE – this lesson addresses Newton’s first law of motion only, the second law of motion is dealt with in the next video

Lesson 2 | Newton's second law

  • investigate, describe and analyse the acceleration of a single object subjected to a constant net force and relate the motion of the object to Newton’s Second Law of Motion through the use of: (ACSPH062, ACSPH063)
    – qualitative descriptions
    – graphs and vectors
    – deriving relationships from graphical representations including (\vec{F} = m\vec{a}) and relationships of uniformly accelerated motion

Lesson 3 | Work and energy

  • apply the special case of conservation of mechanical energy to the quantitative analysis of motion involving:
    – work done and change in the kinetic energy of an object undergoing accelerated rectilinear motion in one dimension (W = \vec{F}_{net}\vec{S})
    – changes in gravitational potential energy of an object in a uniform field (\Delta U = m\vec{g}\Delta \vec{h})

Lesson 4 | Mechanical Energy, Work and Power

  • conduct investigations over a range of mechanical processes to analyse qualitatively and quantitatively the concept of average power (P = \frac{\Delta E}{t},\; P = \vec{F}\vec{v}), including but not limited to:
    – uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion
    – objects raised against the force of gravity
    – work done against air resistance, rolling resistance and friction

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