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Year 11 Physics

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Module 2 | Dynamics

Content 3: Momentum, energy and simple systems

Lesson 1 | Conservation of momentum

  • conduct an investigation to describe and analyse one-dimensional (collinear) and two-dimensional interactions of objects in simple closed systems (ACSPH064)

Lesson 2 | Collisions momentum and energy

  • analyse quantitatively and predict, using the law of conservation of momentum \sum m\vec{v}_{before} = \sum m\vec{v}_{after} and, where appropriate, conservation of kinetic energy \sum \frac{1}{2} m\vec{v}^{2}_{before} = \sum \frac{1}{2} m\vec{v}^{2}_{after} the results of interactions in elastic collisions (ACSPH066)

  • analyse and compare the momentum and kinetic energy of elastic and inelastic collisions (ACSPH066)

Lesson 3 | Impulse graphs

  • investigate the relationship and analyse information obtained from graphical representations of force as a function of time

Lesson 4 | Impulse

  • evaluate the effects of forces involved in collisions and other interactions, and analyse quantitatively the interactions using the concept of impulse (\Delta \vec{p} = \vec{F}\Delta t)

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