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Year 11 Physics

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Module 3 | Waves and thermodynamics

Content 1: Wave properties

Lesson 1 | Practical investigation: mechanical waves

  • conduct a practical investigation involving the creation of mechanical waves in a variety of situations in order to explain:
    – the role of the medium in the propagation of mechanical waves
    – the transfer of energy involved in the propagation of mechanical waves (ACSPH067, ACSPH070)

  • conduct practical investigations to explain and analyse the differences between:
    – transverse and longitudinal waves (ACSPH068)
    – mechanical and electromagnetic waves (ACSPH070, ACSPH074)

  • conduct an investigation to distinguish between progressive and standing waves (ACSPH072)

Lesson 2 | Wave fundamentals

  • construct and/or interpret graphs of displacement as a function of time and as a function of position of transverse and longitudinal waves, and relate the features of those graphs to the following wave characteristics:
    – velocity
    – frequency
    – period
    – wavelength
    – wave number
    – displacement and amplitude (ACSPH069)

Lesson 3 | Wave characteristics

  • solve problems and/or make predictions by modelling and applying the following relationships to a variety of situations:
    – v = f\Lambda
    – f = \frac{1}{T}
    – k = \frac{2\pi }{\Lambda }

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