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Year 11 Physics

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Module 3 | Waves and thermodynamics

Content 5: Thermodynamics

Lesson 1 | Temperature, heat energy and particle motion

  • explain the relationship between the temperature of an object and the kinetic energy of the particles within it (ACSPH018)

  • explain the concept of thermal equilibrium (ACSPH022)

Lesson 2 | Specific heat capacity

  • analyse the relationship between the change in temperature of an object and its specific heat capacity through the equation (ACSPH020)

Lesson 3 | Heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation

  • investigate energy transfer by the process of:
    – conduction
    – convection
    – radiation (ACSPH016)

  • model and predict quantitatively energy transfer from hot objects by the process of thermal

Lesson 4 | Investigating latent heat

  • conduct an investigation to analyse qualitatively and quantitatively the latent heat involved in a change of state

Lesson 5 | Quantitative thermodynamics

  • apply the following relationships to solve problems and make quantitative predictions in a variety of situations:
    – ΔQ = mcΔT, where c is the specific heat capacity of a substance
    – \frac{Q}{t} = \frac{kA\Delta T}{d}, where k is the thermal conductivity of a material

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