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Year 12 Biology

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Module 6 | Genetic change

Content 1: Mutation

Lesson 1 | Mutagens

  • explain how a range of mutagens operate, including but not limited to:
    – electromagnetic radiation sources
    – chemicals
    – naturally occurring mutagens

Lesson 2 | Types of mutations

  • compare the causes, processes and effects of different types of mutation, including but not limited to:
    – point mutation
    – chromosomal mutation

Lesson 3 | Somatic and germ-line mutations

  • distinguish between somatic mutations and germ-line mutations and their effect on an organism (ACSBL082, ACSBL083)

Lesson 4 | Coding and non-coding DNA segments

  • assess the significance of ‘coding’ and ‘non-coding’ DNA segments in the process of mutation (ACSBL078)

Lesson 5 | Genetic variation

  • investigate the causes of genetic variation relating to the processes of fertilisation, meiosis and mutation (ACSBL078)

Lesson 6 | The gene pool

  • evaluate the effect of mutation, gene flow and genetic drift on the gene pool of populations (ACSBL091, ACSBL092)

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