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Year 12 Biology

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Module 6 | Genetic change

Content 3: Genetic technologies

Lesson 1 | Genetic technologies

  • investigate the uses and advantages of current genetic technologies that induce genetic change

Lesson 2 | Reproductive technologies

  • compare the processes and outcomes of reproductive technologies, including but not limited to:
    – artificial insemination
    – artificial pollination

Lesson 3 | Cloning

  • investigate and assess the effectiveness of cloning, including but not limited to:
    – whole organism cloning
    – gene cloning

Lesson 4 | Recombinant DNA

  • describe techniques and applications used in recombinant DNA technology, for example:
    – the development of transgenic organisms in agricultural and medical applications (ACSBL087)

Lesson 5 | Benefits of genetic technologies

  • evaluate the benefits of using genetic technologies in agricultural, medical and industrial applications (ACSBL086)

Lesson 6 | Biotechnology in agriculture

  • evaluate the effect on biodiversity of using biotechnology in agriculture

Lesson 7 | Assessment of biotechnology

  • interpret a range of secondary sources to assess the influence of social, economic and cultural contexts on a range of biotechnologies

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