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Year 12 Biology

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Module 7 | Infectious disease

Content 1: Causes of infectious disease

Lesson 1 | Infectious diseases

  • describe a variety of infectious diseases caused by pathogens, including microorganisms, macroorganisms and non-cellular pathogens, and collect primary and secondary-sourced data and information relating to disease transmission, including: (ACSBL097, ACSBL098, ACSBL116, ACSBL117)
    – classifying different pathogens that cause disease in plants and animals (ACSBL117)
    – investigating the transmission of a disease during an epidemic
    – design and conduct a practical investigation relating to the microbial testing of water or food samples
    – investigate modes of transmission of infectious diseases, including direct contact, indirect contact and vector transmission

Lesson 2 | Pasteur and Koch

  • investigate the work of Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur, to explain the causes and transmission of infectious diseases, including:
    – Koch’s postulates
    – Pasteur’s experiments on microbial contamination

Lesson 3 | The causes and effects of diseases on agricultural production

  • assess the causes and effects of diseases on agricultural production, including but not limited to:
    – plant diseases
    – animal diseases

Lesson 4 | Adaptations of pathogens

  • compare the adaptations of different pathogens that facilitate their entry into and transmission between hosts

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