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Year 12 Biology

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Module 7 | Infectious disease

Content 4: Prevention, treatment and control

Lesson 1 | Factors limiting the spread of disease

  • investigate and analyse the wide range of interrelated factors involved in limiting local, regional and global spread of a named infectious disease

Lesson 2 | Preventing the spread of disease

  • investigate procedures that can be employed to prevent the spread of disease, including but not limited to: (ACSBL124)
    – hygiene practices
    – quarantine
    – vaccination, including passive and active immunity (ACSBL100, ACSBL123)
    – public health campaigns
    – use of pesticides
    – genetic engineering

Lesson 3 | Pharmaceuticals and infectious disease

  • investigate and assess the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals as treatment strategies for the control of infectious disease, for example:
    – antivirals
    – antibiotics

Lesson 4 | Environmental management and quarantine control methods

  • investigate and evaluate environmental management and quarantine methods used to control an epidemic or pandemic

Lesson 5 | Incidence and prevalence of disease

  • interpret data relating to the incidence and prevalence of infectious disease in populations, for example:
    – mobility of individuals and the portion that are immune or immunised (ACSBL124, ACSBL125)
    – Malaria or Dengue Fever in South East Asia

  • evaluate historical, culturally diverse and current strategies to predict and control the spread of disease (ACSBL125)

Lesson 6 | Aboriginal protocols in the development of medicines and biological materials

  • investigate the contemporary application of Aboriginal protocols in the development of particular medicines and biological materials in Australia and how recognition and protection of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property is important, for example:
    – bush medicine
    – smoke bush in Western Australia

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