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Year 12 Biology

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Module 8 | Non-infectious disease and disorders

Content 5: Technologies and disorders

Lesson 1 | Disorders

  • explain a range of causes of disorders by investigating the structures and functions of the relevant organs, for example:
    – hearing loss
    – visual disorders
    – loss of kidney function

Lesson 2 | Technologies to assist disorders

  • investigate technologies that are used to assist with the effects of a disorder, including but not limited to: (ACSBL100)
    – hearing loss: cochlear implants, bone conduction implants, hearing aids
    – visual disorders: spectacles, laser surgery
    – loss of kidney function: dialysis

Lesson 3 | Effectiveness of technologies

  • evaluate the effectiveness of a technology that is used to manage and assist with the effects of a disorder (ACSBL100)

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