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Year 12 Business Studies

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Topic 2 | Marketing

Sub topic 4: Marketing strategies

Lesson 1 | Market segmentation and products

  • market segmentation, product/service differentiation and positioning

  • products – goods and/or services
    – branding
    – packaging

Lesson 2 | Price

  • price including pricing methods – cost, market, competition-based
    – pricing strategies – skimming, penetration, loss leaders, price points
    – price and quality interaction

Lesson 3 | Promotion and place/distribution

  • promotion
    – elements of the promotion mix – advertising, personal selling and relationship marketing, sales promotions, publicity and public relations
    – the communication process – opinion leaders, word of mouth

  • place/distribution
    – distribution channels
    – channel choice – intensive, selective, exclusive
    – physical distribution issues – transport, warehousing, inventory

Lesson 4 | E-marketing and global marketing opportunities

  • people, processes and physical evidence

  • e-marketing

  • global marketing
    – global branding
    – standardisation
    – customisation
    – global pricing
    – competitive positioning

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