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Year 12 Business Studies

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Topic 3 | Finance

Sub topic 3: Processes of financial management

Lesson 1 | Processes of financial management

  • planning and implementing – financial needs, budgets, record systems, financial risks, financial controls
    – debt and equity financing – advantages and disadvantages of each
    – matching the terms and source of finance to business purpose

  • monitoring and controlling – cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet

Lesson 2 | Financial ratios

  • financial ratios
    – liquidity – current ratio (current assets ÷ current liabilities)
    – gearing – debt to equity ratio (total liabilities ÷ total equity)
    – profitability – gross profit ratio (gross profit ÷ sales); net profit ratio (net profit ÷ sales); return on equity ratio (net profit ÷ total equity)
    – efficiency – expense ratio (total expenses ÷ sales), accounts receivable turnover ratio (sales ÷ accounts receivable)
    – comparative ratio analysis – over different time periods, against standards, with similar businesses

Lesson 3 | Limitations of financial reports

  • limitations of financial reports – normalised earnings, capitalising expenses, valuing assets, timing issues, debt repayments, notes to the financial statements

  • ethical issues related to financial reports

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