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Year 12 Chemistry

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Module 5 | Equilibrium and acid reactions

Content 1: Static and dynamic equilibrium

Lesson 1 | Reversibility of chemical reactions

  • conduct practical investigations to analyse the reversibility of chemical reactions, for example:
    – cobalt(II) chloride hydrated and dehydrated
    – iron(III) nitrate and potassium thiocyanate
    – burning magnesium
    – burning steel wool (ACSCH090)

Lesson 2 | Static and dynamic equilibrium

  • model static and dynamic equilibrium and analyse the differences between open and closed systems (ACSCH079, ACSCH091)

Lesson 3 | Non-equilibrium systems

  • analyse examples of non-equilibrium systems in terms of the effect of entropy and enthalpy, for example:
    – combustion reactions
    – photosynthesis

Lesson 4 | Relationship between collision theory and reaction rate

  • investigate the relationship between collision theory and reaction rate in order to analyse chemical equilibrium reactions (ACSCH070, ACSCH094)

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