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Year 12 Chemistry

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Module 5 | Equilibrium and acid reactions

Content 3: Calculating the equilibrium constant (Keq)

Lesson 1 | The equilibrium expression Keq

  • deduce the equilibrium expression (in terms of Keq) for homogeneous reactions occurring in solution (ACSCH079, ACSCH096)

  • perform calculations to find the value of Keq and concentrations of substances within an equilibrium system, and use these values to make predictions on the direction in which a reaction may proceed (ACSCH096)

  • qualitatively analyse the effect of temperature on the value of Keq (ACSCH093)

Lesson 2 | Investigation to determine Keq

  • conduct an investigation to determine Keq of a chemical equilibrium system, for example:
    – Keq of the iron(III) thiocyanate equilibrium (ACSCH096)

Lesson 3 | Use of Keq in chemical reactions

  • explore the use of Keq for different types of chemical reactions, including but not limited to:
    – dissociation of ionic solutions
    – dissociation of acids and bases (ACSCH098, ACSCH099)

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