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Year 12 Chemistry

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Module 5 | Equilibrium and acid reactions

Content 4: Solution equilibria

Lesson 1 | Dissolution of ionic compounds in water

  • describe and analyse the processes involved in the dissolution of ionic compounds in water

Lesson 2 | Removing toxicity from foods

  • investigate the use of solubility equilibria by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples when removing toxicity from foods, for example:
    – toxins in cycad fruit

Lesson 3 | Determining solubility rules

  • conduct an investigation to determine solubility rules, and predict and analyse the composition of substances when two ionic solutions are mixed, for example:
    – potassium chloride and silver nitrate
    – potassium iodide and lead nitrate
    – sodium sulfate and barium nitrate (ACSCH065)

Lesson 4 | The solubility product constant Ksp

  • derive equilibrium expressions for saturated solutions in terms of Ksp and calculate the solubility of an ionic substance from its Ksp value

  • predict the formation of a precipitate given the standard reference values for Ksp

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