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Year 12 Chemistry

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Module 7 | Organic chemistry

Content 4: Alcohols

Lesson 1 | Types of alcohols

  • investigate the structural formulae, properties and functional group including:
    – primary
    – secondary
    – tertiary alcohols

Lesson 2 | Properties of alcohols

  • explain the properties within and between the homologous series of alcohols with reference to the intermolecular and intramolecular bonding present

Lesson 3 | Enthalpy of combustion of alcohols

  • conduct a practical investigation to measure and reliably compare the enthalpy of combustion for a range of alcohols

Lesson 4 | Reactions of alcohols

  • write equations, state conditions and predict products to represent the reactions of alcohols, including but not limited to (ACSCH128, ACSCH136):
    – combustion
    – dehydration
    – substitution with HX
    – oxidation

Lesson 5 | Production of alcohols

  • investigate the production of alcohols, including:
    – substitution reactions of halogenated organic compounds
    – fermentation

Lesson 6 | Oxidation of alcohols

  • investigate the products of the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols

Lesson 7 | Fuels from organic sources

  • compare and contrast fuels from organic sources to biofuels, including ethanol

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