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Year 12 Physics

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Module 5 | Advanced mechanics

Content 1: Projectile motion

Lesson 1 | Analysing projectile motion

  • analyse the motion of projectiles by resolving the motion into horizontal and vertical components, making the following assumptions:
    – a constant vertical acceleration due to gravity
    – zero air resistance

Lesson 2 | Deriving relationships for projectile motion

  • apply the modelling of projectile motion to quantitatively derive the relationships between the following variables:
    – initial velocity
    – launch angle
    – maximum height
    – time of flight
    – final velocity
    – launch height
    – horizontal range of the projectile (ACSPH099)

  • conduct a practical investigation to collect primary data in order to validate the relationships derived above

Lesson 3 | Applying the equations of motion

  • solve problems, create models and make quantitative predictions by applying the equations of motion relationships for uniformly accelerated and constant rectilinear motion

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