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Year 11 Physics

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Module 2 | Dynamics

Content 1: Forces

Lesson 1 | Contact and non-contact forces

  • using Newton’s Laws of Motion, describe static and dynamic interactions between two or more
    objects and the changes that result from:
    – a contact force
    – a force mediated by fields

Lesson 2 | Vectors

  • explore the concept of net force and equilibrium in one-dimensional and simple two dimensional contexts using: (ACSPH050)
    – algebraic addition
    – vector addition
    – vector addition by resolution into components

Lesson 3 | Net force and equilibrium

  • solve problems or make quantitative predictions about resultant and component forces by applying the following relationships:
    – \vec{F}_{AB} = -\vec{F}_{BA}
    – \vec{F}_{x} = \vec{F}cos\theta ,\; \vec{F}_{y} = \vec{F}sin\theta

Lesson 4 | Investigating motion with an inclined plane

  • conduct a practical investigation to explain and predict the motion of objects on inclined planes (ACSPH098)

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