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Year 11 Physics

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Module 3 | Waves and thermodynamics

Content 3: Sound waves

Lesson 1 | Investigating soundwaves

  • conduct a practical investigation to relate the pitch and loudness of a sound to its wave characteristics

  • model the behaviour of sound in air as a longitudinal wave
    Relate the displacement of air molecules to variations in pressure (ACSPH070)

Lesson 2 | Investigating intensity of sound

  • investigate quantitatively the relationship between distance and intensity of sound

Lesson 3 | Investigating reflection, diffraction, resonance and superposition of soundwaves

  • conduct investigations to analyse the reflection, diffraction, resonance and superposition of sound waves (ACSPH071)

Lesson 4 | Harmonics in strings and pipes

  • investigate and model the behaviour of standing waves on strings and/or in pipes to relate quantitatively the fundamental and harmonic frequencies of the waves that are produced to the physical characteristics (e.g. length, mass, tension, wave velocity) of the medium (ACSPH072)

Lesson 5 | Analysing beats and the Doppler effect

  • analyse qualitatively and quantitatively the relationships of the wave nature of sound to explain:
    – beats f_{beat} = \left | f_{2} -\ f_{1} \right |

    – the Doppler effect {f}?=f\frac{v_{wave} + v_{observer}}{v_{wave} ? v_{source}}

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